Our Firm

Cauley Pridgen, P.A. is an entrepreneurial law firm with a statewide presence. We focus our practice exclusively on issues related to business, government and land.  More specifically, these practices areas include legal services for local governments and public officials, business and corporate representation, employment and workers’ compensation law, land condemnation and development and all litigation services associated with these practice areas. We maintain modern offices in Wilson, Kinston and Raleigh connected by high-speed internet and data access. Our Eastern North Carolina clients enjoy the benefits of the expertise of an urban law firm located at the hub of state government while receiving the personalized attention their legal matters deserve. In turn, our Raleigh area and regional clients have access to important local, civic, and governmental contacts in one of the State’s most desired regions—Eastern North Carolina. Our lawyers have enjoyed longstanding relationships with both public and private clients. This experience has made us effective as problem solvers, negotiators, facilitators and litigators.

Cauley Pridgen, P.A. was previously known as Rose Rand Attorneys, P.A., the decades-old firm that merged with Wallace, Morris, Barwick, Landis, & Stroud, P.A. in 2009. The resulting firm of Rose Rand Wallace Attorneys, P.A., was a full-service law firm until 2012 with offices in Eastern North Carolina and the Triangle area.  In 2012, Jim Cauley and Brian Pridgen, along with a core group of seasoned associate attorneys and paralegals, decided to focus their law practice exclusively on legal issues related to business, government and land, practice areas for which they had enjoyed a long history and good reputation.

Over the years, our predecessor firms have produced Justices of the North Carolina Supreme Court and North Carolina Court of Appeals. Our attorneys have served as President of the local bar associations as well as President of the North Carolina Bar Association. We have also had attorneys inducted into the North Carolina Bar Association’s General Practice Hall of Fame. As we look ahead to the future we feel it is important to remember the deep roots that the firm has in the area and honor those attorneys who built the foundation of legal excellence which has become synonymous with our firm.

The Wilson office of our firm began in 1944, when William A. Lucas and Oliver G. Rand joined their law practices to form Lucas & Rand. Z. Hardy Rose joined the firm in 1948 and actively practiced law with the firm until 1993. William R. Rand practiced with the firm for over 40 years before retiring in 2003. He was inducted in the N.C. Bar Association’s General Practice Hall of Fame in 2004. Jim Cauley joined the firm in 1987. Brian Pridgen joined the firm in 2003.

The firm’s lawyers have consistently participated in a variety of civic and professional endeavors and, over the years, the firm has produced members of the State’s highest courts. Louis B. Meyer was a member of the firm before his service on the North Carolina Supreme Court. Naomi E. Morris received her first legal training with the firm and returned to Wilson to practice with the firm, before she was appointed to serve as a Chief Justice on the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Cauley Pridgen, P.A. is proud of its history in Eastern North Carolina and is excited about the future as it refines the scope of its practice to serve a more focused clientele with legal services related exclusively to business, government and land.